Let’s ‘Break the Ice’

Breaking the ice is a well-known phrase that in 1883, has since intended to get strangers, well, acquainted with one another.

In 1883 the American writer, entrepreneur, publisher and lecturer Mark Twain, used the phrase ‘breaking the ice’ in his book titled: Life on the Mississippi his memoirs of his days as a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi river before the American civil war.

In his book ‘breaking the ice’ was mentioned in the following extract:

“They closed up the inundation with a few words – having used it evidently, as a mere ice breaker and acquaintanceship breeder, then, they dropped into business.

well the chisel is in hand so let’s break the ice…!

As you will read from the about me section of this site, that I am a qualified trainer. I specialise in area’s of computer application, administration and soft skills development to individuals and groups aged 12-60+ years of age. I have worked with people who unfortunately been marginalised by society in regards to education and employment including myself for a time. With many having disabilities, mental health issues and also learning, intellectual difficulties or barriers to accessing formal education or employment. I have also thought  Junior and Leaving Certificate English to those in second level education. I have been offering my services to voluntary organisations and charities to empower others by helping to provide essential skills  to keep up with the demand of today’s world of employment and educational needs.  I have been doing this for almost three years now and I also have  experience in delivering speeches regarding my own personal insights into mental health and my own unique story of how I found myself to be in recovery after 20 years of suffering and torment. I have delivered my personal stories to the public in both voluntary and corporate organisations.

My speeches were always on the topic of mental health. Yes I am a survivor of mental health to include depression, trauma, agrophobia to name but a few. After my  life long experiences dealing with the torment and despair of mental health, I now look forward to working with people to empower them to be the very best they can be. Everybody has the potential to be who the they want to be. Nothing is impossible, we all can achieve great things as life is a journey but you must decide to take that courage, that first step at times into the fear of the unknown but to face that fear and do it anyway!! – Susan Jeffers from the book entitled: feel the fear and do it anyway!

I plan to use this platform to share my thoughts, experiences and insights to topics I feel would be of interest and those that I am passionate about as they arise and go on. I will share also my challenges, new adventures, my joys etc. and my passion for creative writing, book reviews from my favourite authors past and present and of course poetry and whatever else inspires me or captures the essence of the day or moment in time.

I do hope you enjoyed my “Ice Breaker” and I look forward to “dropping into business” with my second blog post coming very soon. Fear not you will find out more about me through my posts as they go on, don’t worry I won’t be boring you with me,me,me!

I thank you for clicking on my link and reading my post and hope you will share it too! I hope you enjoyed my intro and I look forward to sharing more with you as time goes on.

p.s. please bear with me, am new to blogging, but hey we are all life long learners as with everything else it’s a work in progress. then again aren’t we as humans a work in progress?



5 Replies to “Let’s ‘Break the Ice’”

  1. Congratulations on your new blog Krystal!! I know you will inspire many with your story and dreams. We share much in common including our desire to show others that obstacles can be overcome. I used to be a Science and Maths teacher too. So in our own individual ways we’ll be changing the world! Here’s to a wonderful journey 😊😊💚☘

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind words and comments Caroline. It is much appreciated. What a small place Ireland is. Now I see why our paths have crossed. We have so much in common, more than I realised. Yes as you say we will be changing the world in our own ways, with our own stories and dreams. I look forward to your blogs and continued friendship and here’s to success for the both of us.

      With gratitude

      Krystal xx

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  2. Congratulations on the blog, it looks like we are all on a journey of change, development, learning and giving to others. Looking forward to reading your blog and your journey and taking new steps with you 💚☘️

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    1. Hello Dawn,
      Thank you very much for your comment. Yes I we sure are on a journey of change, development, learning and giving to others. I too am looking forward to taking those steps with you and maybe together we can empower others to take the journey too. I look forward to your blogs as well! Krystal

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