The Whisperings of Nature – Book Review

Tranquillity, harmony and a restored connection with nature all in one little book of poems!

‘The Whisperings of Nature’ is a wonderful and inspiring little poetry book written by Caroline Cunningham. This is Caroline’s first published book of poetry and it represents her journey in discovering her authentic self and her reconnection with nature which transcends beautifully through her written work.

As twilight descends upon me this very evening, and as the birds begin to sing among the branches of the trees in my back yard. It signals to me the close of another day. It is the perfect moment to curl up with a hot cup of tea with the wonderful, enchanting sounds of nature as I, begin to read and listen to ‘The Whisperings of Nature’.


The whisperings of Nature
Photo by Caroline Cunningham


Caroline writes so beautifully and her poems in ‘The Whisperings of Nature’  captivate my mind, soothes my soul, stirs my senses that I am fully immersed in nature that I find myself in the most beautiful of places of serene beauty.

This book has taken me to places where I can gaze upon the sea, the sky, the green grassy hills, rich blossoms and floating lilies’. Sunsets, gazing moons, autumn colours and yes even singing in the rain. To places on earth like Australia, Budapest, the Danube river, Capetown and even here at home in Ireland.

In this collection of poems, you get a glimpse into the world of the author. Caroline appears to be very well-travelled by the mentioning of places such as the ones listed above.

I must say my favourite poem is on page 14, titled: Capetown Sunset.  The very title alone makes me wish I was in Capetown myself looking at that beautiful sunset on the coast of South Africa. Oh how jealous I am and how the author teases me with the following words in the poem:

I can see it

I can almost touch it,

but I can feel it.

When I close my eyes I can almost imagine myself looking at that beautiful Sunset, to which the author has left me now with a desire to want to see and touch it for myself! I suppose it is another one for the bucket list perhaps a trip to Capetown will be on the cards or find myself a good documentary regarding South Africa will be close enough or not close at all. what the future will bring, we have to wait and see.

A short collection of poetry and Caroline’s first attempt of a publication has truly left me longing for more!! Caroline has certainly made an impression with her authentic and inspiring little booklet with an enchanting title: The Whisperings of Nature, is truly a call to the human spirit to stop, pause and reconnect with nature and let nature take away your stresses and worries even for a little while.

What a fantastic start for Caroline, a brave and courageous woman who has opened up her soul to share the wonders of her journey so far!! here’s to the next collection of poetry from Author Caroline Cunningham.

Wishing Caroline Cunningham all the best on her future Endeavours.


More about Caroline Cunningham
Caroline is a therapist at Authentic Reflexology, an avid story teller and an amazing artist. She recently exhibited her fabulous collection of artwork, ‘The Sacred Lives of Trees’, in Carlow Library. You can connect with Caroline on Authentic Path Inspiration Facebook page and on Twitter @artofsinging or check out Caroline Cunningham’s website
if you would like to Purchase ‘The Whisperings of Nature’ you can do so HERE.


The whisperings of Nature2
Photo by Caroline Cunningham








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