The Sea


Below is a short essay I wrote myself on Tuesday 20/06/2017. As a lover of creative writing, poetry and literature. I find myself now back writing again as it is a passion of mine for a long time. I am glad to reconnect with my creative side again and to be sharing my first piece of writing in a long time with you all. I do hope you enjoy!!

The sun was rising, golden and red over the blue and silver pearlescent sea. We, my friends and I sat huddled together for warmth, shivering under our towels and blankets.

I looked out over at the still, silky, glinting water and thought about what happened in the last 24 hours….

The wind was gale force, blowing wild and free. She grew stronger, the storm. The skies quickly began to darken, into angry and unnerving  black and grey clouds that sent a shiver up the spine. With a loud bang, a sharp flash of silver light had just cut through the darkened sky as thunder and lighting began to intimidate the night.


In the distance just beyond our horizon, a ship can be seen, rocking and frowning on the angry untamed sea, to then be suddenly thrashed upon the rocks, near the shoreline opposite from where I and my friends had front row seats. Sea gulls were blown off course in flight as the gales blew them far beyond the reach of the horizon into unknown skies.

The sailors of the ship, can be seen scurrying into the lifeboats and back into open waters, as they tried to steer and sail their way towards the safety of the shore!

what has angered the sea and the sky? I guess nobody knows. It would be foolish to make assumptions. The angry energy, bitterness and hostility was it really necessary and worth it? I think not!

whatever the reason the sky and sea couldn’t get along, remains a mystery and anyway it has died down now. Harmony and peace is now evident in the air as the grey clouds part and as the good ‘ol sun shines through, the sea is once again calm and still as if nothing ever happened.


Peace is now restored, but for how long…..??

Author: Krystal Long

20th June 2017 ©

5 Replies to “The Sea”

    1. Thank you Caroline, for your kind comments. It feels so good to be writing like this again. I forgotten about my style of writing. Thank you! I am starting to see the commo connections between the two of us. It’s wonderful. X

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