A lost Cause??

As another summer evening’s sunset, descends upon me this Friday evening. With a hot cup of tea in hand, standing in my front porch overlooking the green fields directly across from my home, that seem to reach far into the distance. As I look out upon this glorious evening and as the summer’s evening breeze brushes softly past my face I think of you. Your smiles, your laughter, the sitting around without a care in the world, how you made me smile and laugh but most of all I miss your stories.


I don’t know if you knew how much I admired you and looked up to you. Your presence in my life, your friendship for that brief time made me a better person.

You reminded me how to live again and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. You thought me, how not to take life to seriously but to enjoy it. As it is a gift, a gift denied to many.

It hurts me and saddens me, that our friendship is no more! Why we stopped communicating I do not know. Have I upset you, offended you in any way or maybe it is some unfortunate misunderstanding that can be rectified if we could sit for a moment and clear the air?

I don’t understand why we are no longer friends. I pray in time that maybe you can help put my mind at ease.

It’s a shame that our friendship came to a halt, because I really appreciated and valued the friendship we had.

I am a firm believer in sitting down and talking things out. Misunderstandings or problems can be overcome if people just took the time to sit down and work it out!

I hope and pray someday that you will find the courage to reach out to me and discuss what went wrong this past year and hopefully put the past behind us. If not, I wish you well in your endeavours and hope you have a happy life.

with the kindest regards,

your friend,




9 Replies to “A lost Cause??”

    1. Hi Dawn, Thank you very much for your comment. I do hope my former friend and I can sort things out, life is too short to leave things go unsaid. Then again, who knows what is really going on with the other person. Regards Krystal x

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    1. It is sad to loose friends. I suppose we somehow ”out grow” them and as you say we change and maybe grow apart. To disappear or fade into the distance with only a text message saying we can’t be friends anymore is hurtful without an explanation. I suppose that is the other’s choice and I must accept it. even though it hurts me but I must move on now and welcome the new friends that will come. Krystal x


      1. I understand….and I have been on both sides of this which might surprise you…but sometimes life gets complicated when you are trying to find your way. You have goid heart Krystal. All will be well. Keep up the great writing. (:

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  1. I lost a friend a few years ago. I made a remark that she felt was an insult to another friend. She simply took the comment out of context and in my opinion over-reacted. I apologised but she wasn’t the same since and we lost touch. Because it was such a small thing, a simple comment that wasn’t even directed at her, I’m still convinced there was more to it than that! I’ll never know.
    I hope you & your friend can sort it out Krystal!

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    1. Hey Gloria,
      Thank you for your comment. I hope someday myself and my former friend can somehow work things out. Life is too short for petty problems that can be overcome. I am sorry to hear for your unfortunate loss of your friend. You think when you are friends with someone that you would be close enough to sit down with them and clear the air or find a way to get over it and carry on. As you say, we never know what is going on with the other person. Things would be a lot easier and upset could be cleared up or avoided if only people opened up and shared what is going on with them. Such a shame to be losing friends over something that can easily be sorted sooner. Krystal

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