I Hate You Fear…

I hate you fear,

I even despise you.

You strangle me continuously,

You suffocate me with every chance you get.

You are despicable and horrid,

You haunt me and taunt me,

You overpower me and abuse me.

You are a thief,

Robbing me of my happiness, my peace, my joy,

and even my dreams…

I hate you, I wish you would leave me alone. With you hanging around me, nobody wants to know me!FEAR

I am alone because of you.

Your shroud of darkness, your unnerving presence,

Set my heart racing, my breathing shallow and my body tired and weary.

You cause me stress, anxiety,

I feel hopeless because of you.

People think I am strange and weird and not to be associated with.

Do you not understand the pain you caused?

The hurt, hopelessness, misery and almost even my death…

Do you even care??

Take your darkness, your unwanted presence away from me.

As you are not wanted here.

I want to live, I want to dream again,

and most of all I want to be happy.

I hate you fear.

You are not wanted here!!


-Author Krystal Long © 13th July 2017.



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