A New Adventure Awaits Me….

Oh sunny skies that shine over me,
How the warmth of your rays against my skin,
Make my soul dance and flutter.
I am filled with hope and wonder,
As I sit with my head brimming of wonderful thoughts of hope, optimism, and a feeling of a new adventure that awaits me.
I finally feel after so long,
That I have found my purpose,
My calling to be of service to others to help them,
Find your bright rays, your warmth and your light just as I have.
Everybody no matter who they are,
Can live a life without limitations or those negative self-limiting beliefs.
I know you will be kind to them,
As you have me these past 5 years.
The world could do with more light and hope.
If only they opened their minds and their hearts to see, to feel and to accept the power and the love you give.
I hope in time they will.


Author – Krystal Long 17th July 2017 ©

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