Introducing Joan Detz…

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On Saturday the 29th July 2017, I had the upmost pleasure of Introducing an International Public Speaker, Author and Coach on public speaking and speech writing to a group of my peers at a Toastmasters meeting.
I have been an admirer and fan of Joan Detz since 2012 after I discovered one of her bestselling books titled: How to Write and Give A Speech in my local library.
I delivered my first ever speech in front of an audience of 200 people. Two groups of one hundred, morning and afternoon sessions. I delivered my speech to a variety of organisations and local secondary school students on the northside of my city.
At first, I was delighted to have been asked and offered the opportunity to share my story, however panic set in. It dawned on me quite quickly, that I had to speak publicly in front of people. Boy, was I scared. I felt like a lamb thrown to the wolves. With no prior training, knowledge or understanding of what it really meant to speak in public behind a lectern with a microphone. I needed some guidance and help so this book “How to Write & Give A Speech” by Joan Detz provided me with guidance and help, to begin to write, and deliver my speech. This book has helped me lay the foundations for a very rewarding life into public speaking with further opportunities to speak in public since and even getting larger audiences as I develop and grow.

Joan Detz Published works
Since 1984, Joan has run her own speaker services business—writing speeches, coaching executives, offering media training and conducting workshops from Pennsylvania and New York City. As you can see from the picture above of Joan Detz best known published books. The first one: Can you say a few words? The last one titled: It’s not what you say it’s how you say it, and finally in the middle: How To Write & Give A Speech. This book has helped me develop my communication and public speaking skills for almost 4 years and I am still growing in knowledge thanks to the continually revised and updated texts by the author.
Joan offers sound advice on every aspect of public speaking from basics to finer points of speaking with passion, conviction, persuasion and style and much more… Joan is a popular presenter around the globe at professional conferences. She coaches Prominent executives, University Presidents, Top Military leaders, US government officials to the house of congress and to the White House. Joan also conducts presentation skills workshops for major organizations around the world. Such as Finland, Germany, China, Japan, the UK and India to the US.

Joan Detz has received many Awards and Accolades over her thirty years in business to which she has received the following here is a small selection:
An All-Star Speaker for the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).
Joan was honoured with the President’s award of the National Association of Government Communicators.
Over the years, many of the top names in international business have turned to Joan Detz for speaker services. She has also served as a media spokesperson, appearing often on radio and TV interviews.
She has been Interviewed by The New York Times, BBC, Financial Planning, and Bank of America about public speaking.
Furthermore, Joan has also worked with the following companies and has been highly recommended by these companies:
• Renault – Nissan Car Manufactures
• Nokia Corp
• Toyota
• American Bankers Association
• The White House and Congress
• Toastmasters International and many more
I have been inspired and greatly helped by the book “How to Write and Give A Speech” by Joan Detz that I am looking forward to sharing in more detail in September in part two of this story, just how much the books can help others to lay the foundations to a possible career as a speaker. I hope I have peaked your interest for my second instalment. I am delighted to say the group have found my topic educational, interesting to which is was greatly received and that they are looking forward to learning more on how the book could help them with their own public speaking development.
I am absolutely delighted to have made contact or a connection with the lady herself Joan Detz via Social Media. As they are many fantastic public speakers in the world today, I can only say from my own personal experience the book by Joan Detz and the information she shares on the internet has helped me move beyond my limiting beliefs and the limitations to build my confidence to better prepare me for public speaking and the confidence to do so for the future.

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