Why Toastmasters? My journey so far…

When I joined Toastmasters International twenty one months ago after being a participant on the speech craft programme. I didn’t know how much I would grow and how much fun I’d have doing it! Toastmasters has been an amazing experience so far ( the journey isn’t over yet!!) and I want to tell you just what’s so great about it.
Toastmasters International is a world wide educational organization that teaches communication, public speaking, and leadership skills in a supportive environment. What I have gained from Toastmasters is all that and so much more. Being a Toastmaster is investing in myself and my best possible future. As somebody who has dealt with a lot of health problems, throughout the course of my journey. Toastmasters International helped me to turn those dark challenging moments to an awesome light enhancing journey to which I received my first milestone on my communication journey yesterday Saturday 21st October 2017. Where I achieved the Competent Communicator award at my club Bishopstown Toastmasters, Cork. Ireland


Receiving my Competent Communicator Award from the club’s Vice president of Education Maria Gillen.


In addition to communication, public speaking, and leadership skills I have enjoyed quite a few unexpected and amazing benefits- here’s my top 3:
Speaking in Toastmasters provides new challenges and plenty of opportunities to be proud of your accomplishments. The more you expand your skills and talents, the more confidence you have in yourself!
Self confidence builds trust in others. People want to listen to someone who is confident in what they have to say and how they say it.
When I started in Toastmasters I wasn’t lacking confidence; I had a healthy dose of self-confidence and had some plenty of experiences speaking in public at voluntary and corporate events that helped me get started in the club. I did however, oddly enough lacked in personal and interpersonal communication skills. What I didn’t expect was how my confidence would grow and where that new confidence would take me. Thanks to Toastmasters I’ve tried new things I wouldn’t have tried before.
Toastmasters is a friendly environment where people are genuinely interested in each other. Toastmasters works because it’s welcoming, positive and supportive with each and every member playing a role in the every other member’s growth and success.
Join Toastmasters and you’ll find you’ve become friends with people you wouldn’t know otherwise. You get to know members and they get to know you as you learn to appreciate and encourage the best in everyone you meet.
I have many friends in my Toastmasters club, people I spend time with outside the club that I consider true friends. Some of these friends are very different from me and I have enjoyed getting to know my fellow Toastmasters well enough to consider them friends.
Every Toastmaster receives heaps of encouragement and the best part is you’re encouraged to be your best self.

As a very wise and intelligent lady told me and fellow members of our Bishopstown club is that when you become a member of Toastmasters, you become your true self!

Toastmaster has inherent talents and a wonderfully unique perspective to share. Toastmasters is all about encouraging yourself and others to be as amazing as you can be.
As a Toastmaster you share specific, positive, and constructive feedback and by doing so invest in your fellow member’s success as much as your own. You celebrate the victory of every member’s accomplishments.
I have especially enjoyed helping my fellow members develop through encouraging them in their progress in the Toastmasters program. It’s a wonderful experience to be part of something bigger than myself and watch my fellow Toasties grow!
I’m grateful for the confidence, friendship and encouragement that comes with being a member of Toastmasters. In addition to these great benefits there are many other amazing skills I’ve gained in Toastmasters such as:

becoming a more effective communicator
improving my grammar and vocabulary
exercising time management skills
being a great listener
learning to give specific, positive, and helpful feedback
speaking to inspire
speaking to inform (without being boring!)
give presentations
Persuade on purpose
Think on my feet with impromptu questions at Table Topics
leading and hosting meetings and or contest by being ‘The’ Toastmaster or contest chair.
being heard and understood when I speak
leading by example
Team management


The best part for me is having a mentor. To me a mentor is a vital part of your success. I have had mentors throughout my life in different aspects such as sports, in education, in the workplace etc.. Having a toastmaster mentor is somebody who has experienced the toastmaster journey and who understands the challenges of the projects that lay ahead. It is somebody you can connect with, trust and form a friendship or bond. Somebody you can call on to guide you through the various stages of your new journey. For me having a mentor is essential in my growth and development and indeed my success. As no man nor woman is an Island. Success cannot be achieved alone. with a mentor and the wider support of other toastmaster’s within a club we can achieve anything. The competent communicator award is only the beginning on an exciting journey in developing myself and empowering others to succeed.
There are many benefits of being a Toastmaster and I hope you check it out! At many Toastmasters clubs guests are always welcome to attend club meetings throughout the country or indeed the world in all if not most cases for FREE before deciding on membership.  Go out there and live your best life!

You can find toastmasters clubs around the world on:


or if your in Cork check out the following link:


I love your comments! Have you ever tried Toastmasters? What did you enjoy most about being a Toastmasters? If you haven’t tried it, would you? Why or why not?






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