Why should anyone with an interest in public speaking, be interested in the book How To Write & Give a Speech by Joan Detz.

Below is the transcript of a follow up speech on the famous publication by Author Joan Detz, which I had the pleasure of delivering to my Toastmasters club in Bishopstown, Cork. Ireland. This was the subject of my Persuade with passion project.
I am pleased to report, that the project proved very effective with many of my fellow members purchasing the book themselves and indeed checked it out in libraries across our city.
This book was composed and written by one of the world’s best celebrated international public speaking presenters and speech writing coach, that is Joan Detz.
This book has remained in print for over 30 years since its debut in 1984. A rarity for any author in the field of public speaking.
I first found this book in 2012, after doing a lot of research for my first ever public speaking engagement. I was told only 10 days before the event, so I had to go and do some research and prepare myself very quickly for my first ever speaking opportunity in front of 200 people with a questions and answers session afterwards. It sounds very daunting to be put in the lime light like that in front of various community organisations, schools, pupils, teachers, business people and even government ministers.
Luckily for me after a trip to the local library I found this book by Joan Detz sitting on a shelf waiting to be checked out. This book has been recommended by Forbes and U.S. News & World Report, Washington post refers to it as a “How to Classic”. Toastmasters International’s executive director, Terence J. McCann says that “This book is a practical text for helping anyone develop the ability to speak and become more effective”. this newly updated how to guide offers sound advice on every aspect of researching, writing, and delivering an effective speech. Filled with anecdotes, tips, examples, and practical advice, this accessible guide will help you make one of the most daunting tasks manageable-and even fun.
The author certainly covers everything from the basics to the finer points of writing and delivering a speech with persuasion, style, and humour.
Joan will teach you on how to:
– Assess your audience
– Researching your subject-and deciding what to leave out.
– Keeping it simple and to the point.
– Using imagery, quotations, repetition, and humour
– Special-occasion speeches
– Speaking to international audiences
– Using Power Point and other visual aids
– Using the correct grammar with a list of words and jargon to use and or avoid, also of course not being too clever with your vocabulary selection. Keep it simple.
– And many more
The best thing about this book is that it gets updated to include new examples and the latest technology, as well as a section on social media, this is a must-have for anyone who writes and delivers speeches, whether novices or experienced veterans at the podium.
This is a book that will help you prepare better speeches in less time, it will help you to deliver them better and it will leave a lasting impression on your audience.
The author wisely points out that trying to cram too much into a speech is a disaster and it tends to become a long boring lecture and tell us that the secret of being a bore is to tell everything!
To avoid trying to say too much about this most useful book I will conclude by saying:
This book has benefited me greatly since 2012, for 4 years now I have been writing and delivering speeches to audiences as low as 50 to 400, from small voluntary organisations to big corporate events. This book can benefit you too in becoming a better speaker and speech writer. So why not go and check this book out for yourselves?


How To Write & Give A Speech presentation 14th October 2017.


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