2017: My Year in Review

2017: what a rollercoaster ride of a year!

Over the past 12 months, I overcame serious battles with depression, had multiple surgeries for treatment of a tumour that developed over time (don’t worry I am healthy has a horse and over the worst), I have started to fall back in love with creative writing again especially poetry. The writing has helped me to overcome the various challenges I endured over the course of 2017. It really has helped me to open various doors of opportunity and wonderful achievements. Firstly, it helped me to start up Krystal’s Journal and took me into a wondrous journey of blogging and the sharing of knowledge and information with like minded souls. Through blogging I made various wonderful connections which resulted in me writing book reviews for up and coming authors such as the wonderful Caroline Cunningham, to which I was impressed with her little book of poetry entitled: The Whisperings of Nature. A beautiful self-published book that has inspired me to continue writing my own little works of poetry. Not only that Caroline went a bit further and took on a very common problem that touches us all and me included, anxiety. Anxiety it’s there lurking in the shadows waiting to swallow us up whenever we are faced with challenges or in my case opportunities and fear travels along with it. With Caroline Cunningham’s Seven C’s to Calm, balance and harmony is restored with every turn of a page of her little book with the bonus of a little workbook contained inside.

I must say I was very honoured to have my little review printed on the back of Caroline’s book. Thank you, Caroline.

Also, this year I have rekindled my passion for helping others to achieve their own successes along the way. As a qualified Trainer and ICT (Information Communication Technology) Instructor I have helped numerous people develop new skills and the confidence to believe in themselves. There is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing others building confidence to achieve success in all that they do. The best thing YOU can do for anyone is to help build their confidence and reinsuring them that they too can achieve. No man nor woman are an Island. Supporting others to achieve makes for better communities.
I also this year after long time away due to illness have returned to Toastmasters International. For those that don’t know what Toastmasters is, well it’s only the world’s number one communication and leadership development organisation with clubs in over 144 countries globally. Most importantly for me I returned to Bishopstown Toastmasters. I returned to finish what I started and achieved personal success when the big milestone of 10 projects of the Competent Communicator manual was successfully delivered and achieved. It was there, where I had the opportunity to introduce the works of one amazing internationally celebrated lady that is Joan Detz. Joan Detz’s number one globally successful book ‘How to Write & Give a Speech’ put me on the path of writing and creating my inspirational speeches as far back as 2012. To share that knowledge and respect for this lady and her awesome works was absolutely the pinnacle of my year. To make it even better, I am grateful to Joan Detz for her constant connection across a variety of social media platforms and for continuously educating me with her posts, blogs and tips and advice etc. on speaking in public. To the members of the Bishopstown club, what a joy it was to come back and rekindle those friendships and connections again and to make new ones. Bishopstown Toastmasters has a wonderful environment that supports and encourages everyone to succeed and as our current president has said this year in our first ever club newsletter.

“The energy and buzz in the room every Saturday over recent months has been tremendous and the passion and camaraderie within the group is quite simply unbeatable.” Conor Donovan. President of Bishopstown Toastmasters 2017 -2018.

Well that just sums up everything what our club is all about. Investing in ourselves, and each other is an overall investment of the success and viability of the club.
As 2017 is ending in a matter of days. As the above are just some of my personal achievements and biggest moments of 2017. Other moments I spent learning, developing and educating myself have made me even wiser, knowledgeable (and very skilful) for the future. As someone who delivers training courses to others, I also design training courses and workshops to which I will be announcing throughout the year and to which they will be made available to the public (keep an eye out for my announcements).
With every challenge I had throughout 2017, the good the bad and indifferent I faced so many of my fears, overcome many obstacles, but you know what? I didn’t achieve them alone.
With help from my family, my friends and various others Thank You for joining me on this rollercoaster of a ride this year!

You know what? I am looking forward to another rollercoaster ride with all of you well into 2018.

You could say it’s been the best year of my life; I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have received so many amazing opportunities.

The world is open to us.

This was my 2017, bring on 2018!!



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