My Journey with Speech Craft

Firstly, I will begin by explaining what speech craft is.

Speech Craft is a short educational programme by Toastmasters International designed to be delivered in a practical workshop style setting for a duration of roughly 6-8weeks and thought by experienced Toastmasters. Ideally suited for the complete beginner or someone wishing to gain confidence in the art of giving presentations, either professionally or informally or to improve daily conversations, Interview techniques or as a starting ground to learn the fundamentals of being a public speaker etc.

It is essentially for want of a better word, a crash course into the activities of a real Toastmasters Club meetings. I not only had the opportunity to give and master skills of organising and delivering a great speech, overcoming my nervousness, think fast and master the art of impromptu speaking with Table Topics, speak with conviction and becoming an effective listener, advanced my social skills, use of voice for maximum impact and improve work and life prospects but also learned about the art of giving and receiving  effective evaluations.

On our course we had 8 members and each of us was given a Speech Craft manual which like the Competent Communicator Manual each of us has (or had), the speech craft manual contains 5 speeches all with their own objectives and evaluation record.

We had the opportunity to complete the  following projects the Ice-Breaker, how to organize your speech, get to the point, Vocal Variety, Let your body speak. However, Speech Craft like I have experienced in my own home club of Bishopstown Toastmasters that there is so much more to it than speeches.

My own personal experience of the speech craft journey has been an incredible and memorable one. Before I embarked on this truly amazing journey I struggled with my self-confidence, self-esteem and was basically an introverted person in which I was a bit shy and lacked social interaction.

In the safe and friendly environment created by our Toastmasters and my fellow participants, I was able to grow, learn, develop my communication skills. This program has truly transformed my life. The confidence I developed from the speech craft program transformed not only my personal life but also my professional life going forward for the better.

For a long time, I struggled with my self-confidence and I struggled far too long in accepting myself. Speech Craft helped me to reconnect with myself and discover the skills I already possessed and developed them further. Having the experience also of being assigned a mentor, while on this programme, to which has been a great contributor and asset to me in my development on the programme and beyond.

All participants are assigned mentors throughout the programme to guide and assist you in preparing for speaking in public.

To Conclude,

I became a participant on the Speech Craft Programme back in January 2016. Since then I became a member of Toastmasters International, which started a very rewarding journey. As my skills developed along with my confidence, Toastmasters has opened many wonderful opportunities including the opportunity to deliver a speech craft programme in Cork City in the New Year! I have truly benefited from this programme and set me on a course to becoming a great speaker, trainer and businesswoman. I am looking forward to giving members of the community the gift that Toastmasters gave to me Confidence and skills.

We can help you overcome your fears of speaking in public! For more info please see image below…


Hope to meet you soon.


Speech Craft Flyer 2018





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