Introducing Speech Craft Team Member: Maria Gillen

I am pleased to introduce you our 3rd team member Maria Gillen. Maria like the rest of our team is looking forward to empowering and supporting our participants to overcome their fear of public speaking.

Like myself, Maria is experienced with our Toastmasters International Speech Craft program.

Having been a Co. Facilitor herself back in 2016, where I was a participant myself. It was a no brainer to have another experienced speech craft facilitor on the team to ensure our participants have the very best possible experience.

Maria, has been a member of Toastmasters for well over 15 years. Maria brings with her a wealth of experience in the art of public speaking and is a well known storyteller here in Ireland.

Maria has captivated audiences with her witty tales, humour. For those that know Maria will also know of her pure rebel spirit as she is a mighty proud Cork lady.

Maria herself has won many Toastmasters public speaking contests at club, area finals as well as being a runner up in our district contest.

Having first met Maria back in 2016 and also having the experience of being mentored by this fabulous lady, you are definitely in for a treat!

A warm larger than life character who can put the most nervous of people at ease once in her presence. With her quirky sense of humour and her wonderful workshops will have you enjoying your experience and soaring in no time as you learn the skills necessary to be a confident, calm and skillful speaker.

Maria is a regular feature on the Storytelling scene in Ireland with the Cork Yarnspinners.

For more information on our speech craft program please email

Hope to meet you soon.


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