Introducing Team Member Carol O Donovan.

Introducing our third team member and co.facilitor Carol O’ Donovan.

Carol has been a practicing Toastmaster since 2010. During her time in Toastmasters she has risen to many leadership roles at club and area levels. These leadership roles include President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasury positions to being an assistant Area Director.

Carol has been involved in mentoring new members as well as mentoring and supporting new clubs in Cork.

Carol is also a great communicator and speaker delivering over 40 speeches both in Toastmasters and outside at other events.

Carol is known for her bubbly, caring personality as well as her leadership qualities. She is also well known in cork with her strong links to JCI ( Junior Chamber International) Cork Branch as being a former director and President of the organisation here in Cork.

Carol is also known in the theatre and drama scene in Cork. Previously Carol directed a few plays including 2 sides of the coin and taking a role in Steel magnolias to name with a few.

Carol comes to us with years of experience in stage presence, learning scripts, Presenting and speaking in Public and many more..

I’m delighted to have Carol with us on our program. As her many skills and talents will benefit the program and our participants hugely to greater empowerment and success.

Carol is also part of our Toastmasters team who are currently working on the development and creation of the first Toastmasters club in the Northside of Cork City. The club is located in the Knocknaheeny Hollyhill Youth Centre and is due to officially open to the public in August.

Our program begins August 13th from 7pm until 9.00pm for 5 sessions at the Knocknaheeny Hollyhill Youth Centre.

For more info and or to enrol in our program email

Hope to meet you soon.

Krystal Long,


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