Want More Confidence when Speaking in Public?

Need to facilitate important meetings?
Time to enhance your communication skills?
By participating in a Speechcraft program you will learn how to:

• Speak without fear in front of small and large groups of people
• Prepare effective speeches in a limited time frame
• Improve your presentation skills and win the respect
and admiration of your colleagues
• Lead effective meetings and increase your management potential
How this communications course will meet your needs:
• A hands-on program that provides the “how-to” and
practical experience in public speaking and leadership
• Cost effective; the cost for this series is significantly less
than other public speaking and leadership courses
• A safe and supportive atmosphere of camaraderie dedicated
to your personal and professional development
• Tailored to meet your personal objectives

How does the Program work?
You will experience a wide range of communication experiences.

You receive a Handbook and other valuable reference materials.

The initial prepared speeches are designed with the novice speaker in
mind. No experience is needed. A variety of assigned short speeches
helps you develop confidence and competency. After giving a short
prepared speech, you receive a constructive feedback and ideas.
Upon completion of the basic course, you will have the option to
continue your training at a Toastmasters Club.

Immediate Benefits:
• Gain confidence in public
• Develop communication
and language skills
• Learn to think quickly and
• Become an effective listener
• Offer effective feedback
• Use body language and
visual aids
• Advance interpersonal skills
• Enhance your leadership skills
• Improve job or promotion
• Learn meeting and time
• Experience the benefits of a
Toastmasters Club
Speechcraft can also help you
improve performance in:
• Problem-solving
• Speaking before groups
• Motivating people
• Selling ideas or products
• Conducting business meetings
• Impromptu speaking
• Managing nervousness
• Introducing a Speaker
• Preparation and practice
• Speech structure, flow and
• Beginning and concluding
a presentation
• Body language and gestures
• Vocal variety and range
• Meeting management
• Knowing an audience
and more!

You are invited to our Open House on Tuesday 13th August

Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm.

Venue: Knocknaheeny Hollyhill Youth Centre.

Contact: Krystal Long Co.ordinator on knocknaheenyhollyhilltm@gmail.com

Hope to meet you soon.


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