Introducing coordinator and club founder Krystal Long.

Introducing Team member and our Speech Craft program coordinator and Knocknaheeny Hollyhill Toastmasters Club Founder Krystal Long…

Krystal is and has been a member of Toastmasters International since 2016 after being a participant on a speech craft program to now delivering these workshops herself with her team.

Krystal’s Public Speaking debut as a speaker began in 2012, when asked by her training centre, where she was a student to speak about her trials and tribulations with mental illness.

Krystal’s honest and Frank account of her ordeals, pain and suffering with depression became an inspirational and motivational speeches and talks to which she delivered in many organisations both corporate and voluntary sectors to now becoming a trainer and instructor. Working with people from a mental health, physical or intellectual disabilities, Krystal knows only to well that a disability should in no way hinder a person’s desires to get along in life.

Krystal has over the past 7 years learned the fundamentals of speaking in public and mastering the art of presentation skills, Krystal has become involved in empowering others to find their voice and speak with confidence.

On the stage, behind the lectern, off the stage and everything in between Krystal can assist you to be the speaker you envisioned yourself to be.

Just like you Krystal has started with no experience, terrified of speaking in public, so much so that she used get very unwell before taking to the stage.

Being involved in Toastmasters has allowed Krystal to practice her skills, learn from her peers and constantly developing and learning the craft of public speaking.

Krystal and the team are looking forward to delivering speech craft public speaking workshops to empower participants to unlock their potential and to speak with confidence in all areas of their life.

Not only that, but for the first time ever the Northside of Cork City will finally have its own Toastmasters Club. This new club will be open to all over the age of 18 in Knocknaheeny Hollyhill and surrounding areas.

The club will be the 22nd club in Cork to join a diverse range of community clubs and private corporate clubs that currently exist in the city and county.

Toastmasters is an International organisation that has being in operation around the globe for more than 96 years in 141 countries. Our organisation and it’s affiliated clubs empower their members to develop and build skills in communication, public speaking and leadership.

It’s the best investment you will ever make!

The club in Knocknaheeny opens Tuesday 13th August in the Knocknaheeny Hollyhill Youth Centre.

For more information or to enquire about membership please email

Come and join in on what will be practical skill building while having fun!

Are you ready to unlock your potential??

Toastmasters Where Leaders Are Made!

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